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Dead Rising 4 gifts holiday hilarity

December 7, 2016

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Dead Rising 4 gifts holiday hilarityOn the first day of Christmas
Willamette sent to Frank, the paparazzi:
A zombie on a killing spree.

On the second day of Christmas
Willamette sent to Frank, the paparazzi:
2 blood-spattered chainsaws and a zombie on a killing spree.

On the third day of Christmas
Willamette sent to Frank, the paparazzi:
3 shadowy conspiracies, 2 blood-spattered chainsaws and a zombie on a killing spree.

I think you get the idea.

Photojournalist Frank West makes his celebrated homecoming in Dead Rising 4, a Christmas themed instalment of Capcom’s zombie apocalypse series. Back where it all began, West returns to Willamette, Colorado. The city is in the throes of yet another undead outbreak and to make matters worse, one of West’s friend and protégé, Vick Chu, is somehow caught up in the crisis.

Dead Rising 4 gifts holiday hilarityAs you would expect, the plot of Dead Rising 4 takes some twists and turns once it is revealed that things are not quite what they seem in Willamette. After some reluctance, West is determined to get to the bottom of things and rescue Vick from the clutches of the zombie horde and whomever or whatever created them. West and Vick’s engaging relationship is what drives the story home and what gives Dead Rising 4 a heart, even if it is a bloody one.

Dead Rising has many of the familiar series trappings but what is missing is the mission timer system (Yay!) and story co-op gameplay (Boo!). I was never a fan of the timed aspect of Dead Rising. Although it did spark a sense of urgency, it also sometimes caused the experience to be rushed. I cannot say I miss the mission timer system but it is unfortunate you cannot play co-op. It was fun to tackle the living dead with a friend or two.

When it comes to eviscerating the walking dead, the mechanics are very, very simplistic. Most of the time you will be pounding that X button as fast as you can, while you occasionally hit Y to push (kick) them away and B and Y to ground pound the snarling, slobbering zombie crowds.

Dead Rising 4 gifts holiday hilarityWhat compensates for the elementary combat system is the vast array of outrageous weaponry that Dead Rising has become infamous for. We ain’t just talking barbed-wire baseball bats or machetes either, although there are plenty of those. Where else can you craft exploding Christmas ornaments, an electrified axe, a candy cane crossbow, a fire-breathing Triceratops helmet and even magic wands that transform zombies into Christmas goodies. The best of all though is the new exo-suit which turns West into a zombie slaying, crabby, cranky version of Tony Stark. The zany, crazy weapons and the morose, dark humour have always been an integral part of Dead Rising’s charm. That hilarity though is taken well over the top with the Christmas theme.

Dead Rising 4 gifts holiday hilarityBesides mulching zombies with modified snow blowers, you also have to use West’s journalistic skills to solve mysteries, find clues and document the entire mess with your trusty camera. There are also loads of side missions which take place in and out of the shopping mall, which is Dead Rising 4’s central setting.

Dead Rising 4 doesn’t reinvent the series or attempt to but what it does very well is provide lots of laughs, lots of intrigue and lots, lots of grisly, gory fun. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-fright!

Dead Rising 4 gifts holiday hilarityDead Rising 4
Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Capcom Vancouver
ESRB Rating: M for Maturen

Official Site: http://www.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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