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Eerie Perception gets in its own way

July 4, 2017

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Eerie Perception gets in its own wayA haunted house is bad enough place to be trapped in but when you are blind, the darkness becomes a whole different and dangerous world.

Perception, developed by The Deep End Games, and husband and wife team Bill and Amanda Gardner, is too ambitious for its own good. Set in the perpetually creepy New England region made famous by H. P. Lovecraft, Perception takes place in an eerie mansion right out of the Adams Family.

Cassie, who has been blind since birth, is drawn to the mysterious mansion and its shadowy legacy. Within its walls, Cassie finds more than she bargained for as strange apparitions torment her through the maze of hallways and rooms as she uncovers secret after secret about the former inhabitants.

Eerie Perception gets in its own wayUsing echolocation, Cassie’s footsteps and taps of her cane reveal the environment around her in monochromatic blue swathes, much like you might have seen in the feature film ‘Daredevil’. It is enlightening for a sighted person like myself to be thrust into such a world, to somewhat feel in some small way what it is like to have to maneuver around relies on other senses such as echolocation.

While the overall mystery is intriguing the gameplay gimmick becomes a hindrance when you realize you will be spending your time bumbling around the labyrinth of a mansion without a map or any sense of direction, especially when a lot of the rooms and hallways look the same. It is one monotonous trek after another.

The echolocation sight also makes it difficult to flee or take direct action against the paranormal pests. That can be a massive problem when you are trying to find your way around.

Eerie Perception gets in its own wayRegrettably, Cassie herself is not an intriguing character. Her reactions are mostly silly one-liners so the option of shutting off her incidental dialogue should be considered when you begin the adventure.

The core idea of Perception is fascinating it is just the echolocation idea gets in the way of free-flowing, progressive gameplay. It becomes a grind early on and doesn’t deviate much from that state. Playing Perception is like being locked in a dark closet with the occasional bogeyman reaching out for you in the dark.

Eerie Perception gets in its own way Perception
Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Feardemic
Developer: The Deep End Games
ESRB Rating: M for Mature

Official Site:

Rating: 5 / 10

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